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DANSWEETS LLC is from Wyoming WestIn, a top DIY wood design studio We make and sell handicrafts made of wood or epoxy resin.Something Different
Part of our mission is making you distinctive; helping you express a little style in a world where everything is mass produced. A custom wooden phone case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a small thing, but for the one piece of electronics that literally never leaves your side, a bit of wooden style can’t hurt. Of course, the same philosophy extends to the rest of our product line including beautiful wood wrapped bar accessories and more.
Our Promise: Sustainably Sourced Wood, No Exceptions
What tree species should I choose?
Smartphone accessories such as cases are sold for protection and style, and some enterprising makers have experimented with natural materials like wood to complement the metal and glass of their new smartphones.  Designer WestIn was one of them.
Made from 100% natural wood, by their nature every wooden WestIn is unique from all others.  From the cases themselves to the 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, we obsessively reuse and recycle as much as we can.  Avoiding waste isn’t just good business; it’s the right thing to do in our increasingly disposable world.
The best wooden sunglasses, wooden phone cases, and real wood bar accessories available anywhere.
Since the beginning, we have been focused on doing something different, not just for us, but for you. I couldn’t look at another cheap plastic phone case at the mall kiosk. First, they’re trash, but more important, there are literally millions of those cases in the world, maybe thousands just in your town.
We purchase wood products and wood veneer only from  certified suppliers. The Forest Stewardship Council promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.

Mahogany, Bamboo, Aromatic Cedar, Black Walnut, American Cherry, Purple Heart or Shimmering Maple

WestIn signature all wood iPhone X Case
Unsatisfied with existing wood cases, Bill spent an evening in the wood shop of Carnegie Mellon University's architecture school and created a case for his new iPhone 5. Over the course of six months, the original design was extensively revised, tested, and revised again, and word spread from friends and family to the internet.  After seeing the demand for a sustainable product made from local and natural materials, Bill founded WestIn in 2020 and began the process of making cases at scale.

We wouldn’t be able to make the product we do without cutting-edge CNC machinery, but we also get more from our materials and labor, and that helps us keep our footprint small and stay agile.

Each WestIn is a custom work of art.  We keep a small inventory of our most popular cases, but most of our products are made to order and ship within five business days.  This helps keep our footprint small, and drastically reduces waste.  One of our favorite services is showing customers our raw wood stock and letting them choose the exact piece that becomes their case.  We believe it's critical to do our own customer service rather than exporting it, so you can contact us directly if you'd like us to make something special for you!

We believe in hometown manufacturing, and we do not outsource or import products or services from overseas. Production of a single case involves over 30 separate production steps, involving several specialty CNC machines and skilled hand work, resulting in a finished product that is unlike any other.  It might be harder, and more expensive, than working with prefab parts from abroad, but it is important to us that the work we sell is done honestly, with our own hands.
At WestIn, every member of the team is responsible for part of the production process, from processing lumber to hand sanding, in addition to their other responsibilities.  This way, everyone at WestIn is involved in the joy of making things, and remembers what our purpose is.

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